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Black Crown Piton Padel Racket
The Black Crown Piton paddle racket offers a comfortable touch and excellent control with good power. Features: - Weight: 370g. - Frame 38 mm. constant profile. - Form: round. - Outer core: 3 layers of braided carbon fiber reinforced. - Inner core:...
$200.00 $140.00
Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K Pink Padel Racket
Black Crown Piton Nakano is thought for attacking players and picked by Marta Marrero. A soft padel racket, which makes it quite controllable but it stands out for giving more potency to the ball. Specifications: - Weight: 350-365 grs - 38 mm....
$209.99 $147.00
Black Crown Piton Attack 12K Plus Paddle Racket
The new Black Crown Piton Attack 12k Plus padel racket gives an excellent balance between control and power and surprises us with a striking design in its teardrop format. Plus, among its most outstanding characteristics, we find a 12K Carbon structure that provides great...
$239.49 $167.64
Black Crown Special Padel Racket
Black Crown Special padel racket, designed in a teardrop shape and with a rough Sandspin impact surfaces, the Special Power model is designed for attack players.The frame is carbon 2TB AIR, and it is made with the new 3xPlay Eva...
$296.00 $207.20
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Black Crown Piton 10 Padel Racket
The balance between power and control in each stroke with the new Black Crown Piton 10 padel racket, composed of carbon and fiberglass materials that make it lighter and more comfortable. It offers a hard touch on the ball, is polyvalent and...
$209.99 $147.00
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