Head Zephyr 2022 Padel Racket
Built for extra maneuverability, the ZEPHYR PADEL RACQUET is a lightweight racquet for intermediate players who want to let their games flow. Lightweight, as well as easy to maneuver, and with a soft and comfortable feel, the ZEPHYR PADEL RACQUET...
$185.00 $129.50
Sold Out
Head Graphene360+ Alpha Motion Padel Racket
Just like its name suggests, this racquet is pure movement. one of the most elegant players of the women´s circuit and head player, ari sánchez, recommends this unique model for its great touch, precision and comfort. playing with it, you’ll...
$240.00 $168.00
Sold Out
Head Delta Elite 2022 Padel Racket
Turn up your power with the DELTA ELITE PADEL RACQUET, which is the most powerful racquet in the DELTA series designed for advanced players. Built for advanced players who are seeking additional power, the DELTA ELITE PADEL RACQUET is the...
$210.00 $147.00
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