Vibora Serpent Advance 22 Padel Racket
Vibor-A Serpent Advance 2022 racket. A great value for the cost. Good control with technology to take care of your elbow with the soft eva rubber core.It has been manufactured in an oversize format and medium balance, which provides a perfect...
$190.00 $133.00
Vibora Quetzal Padel Racket
Special Edition for 2022. Very Few in STOCK and Production. The cosmetics for this 2022 have changed their skin: matte and a double layer of carbon that is visible at strategic points on the plane give the design a very attractive...
$450.00 $315.00
Vibora Quetzal (Limited Edition)
2022 Limited Edition. Commemorative Mexican design.  With a mate look and double Carbon-face, classically designed, with it’s one-of-a-kind mold and shape, and aggressiveness.
$450.00 $382.50
Vibora Bamboo Classic
Vibor-a Bamboo Classic Edition padel racket with a modern and striking design in black and green. Enjoy the great control it will give you during games. Designed in a round shape with a 3K carbon frame and impact surface, along...
$250.00 $175.00
Vibora Yarara X Anniversary
The newest spin on the Champion of the Serpents. The Yarara is the most venomous snake in the American continent. And this X Anniversary Edition is unique in composition, with 12 K Carbon, design, with it’s one-of-a-kind mold and shape,...
$475.00 $332.50
Vibora Naya Liquid Edition Padel Racket
The new ViborA Liquid Naya 2021 padel racket is a great padel pala. It stands out for its incredible control and great power. A pala aimed at high-level padel players looking for better performance on courts. Intermediate players will love this racquet thanks to its big sweet...
$300.00 $210.00
Vibora Yarara Liquid Edition Padel Racket
Yarara Liquid Edition. The vibora Liquid Yarara 2021 padel racket is a great control racket. Designed in teardrop shape and medium balance that provides great relationship between power and control.  It is manufactured with carbon materials in the frame that provides rigidity to the padel racket...
$475.00 $332.50
Vibora Naya Classic Edition Padel Racket
$250.00 $175.00
Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition Padel Racket
Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2022 padel racket, presenting a round format with a medium-low balance, ideal for control games and intermediate-advanced level players who are looking for a high quality and very resistant racket.The soft eva rubber in the core...
$375.00 $262.50
Vibora Taipan Liquid Edition Padel Racket
Vibora Taipan Liquid Edition padel racket one of the top quality materials and technologies Pala on the market that offer a great combination of comfort and convenience. It is a padel racket intended for demanding padel players looking for a padel racket with...
$400.00 $280.00
Vibora King Cobra Liquid Edition Padel Racket
Designed with the medium touch rubber that provides great ball output and helps to slightly reduce vibrations caused by hitting the ball hard. It sports a modern and striking design ideal for risky players. Outstand at important padel matches with this Vibora Liquid...
$450.00 $315.00
Vibora Yarara Classic Edition Padel Racket
This Vibora Yarara Classic Edition padel racket has 3k fabric in the impacts surfaces as well as soft EVA rubber inside, which provides very good feeling and control. It is a padel racket great for professional padel players who are looking for a padel racket with...
$275.00 $192.50
Sold Out
Vibora Black Mamba X Anniversary Padel Racket
The newest spin on the Classic of the Serpents. The Black Mamba is the largest venomous snake in the world. And this X Anniversary Edition is unique in composition, with 3 K Carbon, design, with it’s one-of-a-kind mold and shape,...
$450.00 $315.00
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